Download videos from YouTube using ss 2020 trick – We all know YouTube is a popular web and application platform where millions of contents are downloaded and watched daily, unknown to many, it is also a popular search engine ranking second after Google. Following these facts, millions of users across the globe always have videos or contents they want to download from YouTube but the major problem encountered by these people is that they are unable to get contents downloaded to their devices, therefore they could get frustrated following the fact that has to keep searching for the videos online whenever they want to have the same set of contents watched again and again which is considered stressful and frustrating, it is rather better to have the contents you love to watch n your mobile device rather having to go check them online each time you feel you should watch such videos. More also, in countries such as Nigeria, going through such process tends to suck up a lot of data subscription, therefore, they would be forced to forget about such videos even though they love to have them watched over and over again on their devices even if they don’t have data subscription again on their devices. However, there has been a new trick by which we could get videos downloaded from YouTube known as the “SS” tricks, although, these trick may not be new to some people out there, the majority don’t know about this new trick, which is why we are here today. Still, on our quest to bringing you informative updates, we would be discussing with you on this platform today, How to Download Videos from YouTube using “ss” 2020 tricks.



Before we set sail on How to go about downloading videos from YouTube via the trick we have promised to teach you how to use, let’s quickly get an overview of how YouTube works around here and other things you should know about YouTube.

YouTube appears to be a very popular platform known by billions of people across the globe, however, this platform is popular for the fact that contents are being uploaded on this platform daily, as a matter of fact, according to data, it is noted that millions of contents are uploaded on this platform on daily basis. Meanwhile, as stated earlier, this platform is also a search engine, but people would ask how it appears to e a search engine next to Google? Here is why this platform is called a search engine; YouTube is called a search engine following the facts that people come online on this platform daily and search for different video contents ranging from entertainment to tutorials, more also, if you haven’t noticed, there is nothing you can search for on this platform that won’t have a result just like Google, and this is why this platform is known as a search engine next to Google. With this platform, people learn daily while others make their money daily on this platform.

YouTube Categories

You might be wondering what we mean by YouTube categories as there is only one YouTube platform known to everyone, Yes, we are not disputing the fact that there is just one platform known as YouTube, but here is what we are trying to pass across to you; YouTube is categorized into two which are;

  • The online web version
  • The app version
  • The third-party app

Now let’s get to explain these three categories of YouTube platform; the online web version appears to be the most popular version of YouTube platform used by Majority on their mobile platforms or computers via the web to watch video contents, while, the app version is the version installed on mobile devices to watch videos on the platform, and lastly, the third-party app version is the YouTube++ app that allows users to get contents from YouTube downloaded on their devices without stress, meanwhile, these app is unknown to many. However, these three categories of YouTube platforms all perform the same function except for the YouTube++ version that allows you to download videos from the platform, unlike the two other categories. Having discussed what YouTube is all about and things you should know about this platform, let’s dive right back into How to download videos from YouTube using the “ss” 2020 trick.

Download YouTube Videos using “ss” 2020 Trick

We all know it is partially impossible to get videos downloaded from YouTube without this special trick discovered, which is why we are going to make these guide a step by step guide to ensure you don’t get confused on the way. This trick we are about teaching you have been tested and trusted by us, therefore we endorse and recommend this special trick for you to download any YouTube video you would love to have to play on your device daily, therefore, if you follow this guide squarely, you would get the best from it.

Step By Step Guide To Download Videos From Youtube Using The “Ss” 2020 Tricks

  • Step 1

Visit the official YouTube platform from your web browser.

  • Step 2

After the page is fully loaded, click the search icon or space provided and type in the title of the video you would like to download and click search.

  • Step 3

Click on the particular video you would like to download to play it and then pause the video.

  • Step 4

Go to the URL of the Video located right at the top of your browser tab, click to edit the URL and then add “ss” right before the “” address and click enter. The URL should be in this format*********** as you can see, “ss has been added right before the “” on the example shown above, whereas, the “**” seen there is just representing the video URL that follows.

  • Step 5

You would be redirected to another page where you would be able to get the video downloaded on your device. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t be scared of this platform as it is known as the parent website of known as SaveFrom.

  • Step 6

However, this new page would hold up the information about the YouTube video you are about to download, and right on this platform beneath the video itself, you would find a green button and right next to this green button you would find a dropdown menu at which you could different format you want the video downloaded, after this, click the “Download button”

Video Formats That Can Be Downloaded On Youtube Via The Savefrom Platform

You might be wondering if you could download different video formats from this platform, the answer is Yes, following, the last step we stated above for you, you get to choose what format you want the video download, and the amazing feature of this platform is that you could convert videos to MP3 formats.

Devices Compactable With The Ss Trick

This appears to be a major worry for people that have known about this trick, they tend to wonder if this platform supports their type of devices, well the truth is, the YouTube “ss” trick can be used on any device or any operating system, either Android, iPhone, or windows device. More also, you can make use of laptops and desktops for this trick as well, and with any browser of your choice.

Conclusion on How to Download YouTube videos using “ss” 2020 trick

After all said and done, I presume you now know how to get YouTube videos downloaded on your devices without stress in the right format or whichever format you want the video downloaded on any of your devices, it’s just that simple and easy.


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