This article is written in the Best Countries to Live in Europe in 2020. As you know, Europe is a beautiful continent filled with numerous picturesque natural landscapes and diverse cultures and unique gastronomy. Europe is one of the peaceful continents on the planet with very minimal violent activities making it one of the Best Countries in Europe to Live and Work. Perhaps you are considering changing your location and desire to stay in Europe, and we have taken to the task to compile the top countries in Europe that will interest you to live in and all you need to know.


Europe is home to 44 countries, and most of them are places to reside. Nonetheless, the 10 European countries that we have compiled in this article are the Best Countries in Europe to Live and Work. More so, they are the highest rated countries on the continent. Without further ado, take a glance at the countries considered the best places to live in Europe in 2020.

  1. Netherlands
  2. Norway
  3. Germany
  4. Denmark
  5. Switzerland
  6. Austria
  7. France
  8. Spain
  9. Republic of Ireland
  10. Finland

Best Countries to Live in Europe in 2020

  • #1. Netherlands – Amsterdam 

Netherland opens e curtain of our discussion coming at the number one spot on our list. The country is located in the northwestern part of Europe and one the Best Places in Europe to Live for English Speakers as a majority of its population speak English. More so, Netherland is a liberal country and pretty much tolerant. A large part of the country’s population are highly educated, which means the country is home to many ex-pats majority of which reside in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. In addition, there are many work opportunities in this country, especially in areas like finance, insurance, IT, and telecommunications.

  • #2. Norway – Oslo

Norway is a country established in the Northwestern Europe country that’s filled with beautiful natural landscapes and ancient structures which often attracts many tourist and visitors to the country. Notably is a large number of fjords found in the country, which is the largest in the world. Norway is considered to be among the Best Countries in Europe to Live and Work because of its peaceful state and innumerable job opportunities. Also, not forgetting that Norway has one of the Best healthcare systems in the world because the health system is funded by the general public. The residents are not hostile but friendly people,

  • #3. Germany – Berlin 

Germany is established in Western Europe, and it comes in on the third spot of our list and also rated among the Best Countries in Europe to Live and Work. Germany is filled with stereotype people who are orderly and organized. Public areas and parks in the majority of cities in this country are clean. More so, Germany is a highly educated nation with the majority of its population obtaining higher degrees. Also, the country is filled with many job opportunities; more so, the country put in place many job programmers such as “apprenticeship schemes,” which has reduced unemployment drastically in the country. More so, the country is home to many fascinating and beautiful natural landscapes as well as ancient and beautiful structures.

  • #4. Denmark – Copenhagen

Takin us further in our discussion and considered to be one of the Best Countries in Europe to Live and Work. Denmark is worth mentioning in this list for many reasons, and these include high education standards, the balance between work and family life, and a thriving business climate. It will also interest you to know that Denmark has a well-functioning welfare system, which provides free education and healthcare. More so, with just a short distance coverage, you can take a trip to most of the buzzing cities as well as beautiful forests and stunning coastline. Also, making friends is easy because the majority of the population speaks and understands English making it one of the Best Places in Europe to Live for English Speakers. There are notable career and business opportunities in the country; also the country appeals to family and friends. There is sufficient time for leisure activities, and you get to your very own private time, making Denmark one of the happiest countries in the world.

  • #5. Switzerland – Bern 

Still on our discussion on the Best Countries to Live in Europe 2020 and taking us further in Switzerland. If you are English speaking, you might want to add this country on your list because it is rated among the Best Places in Europe to Live for English Speakers. If you have a thing for cleanliness, you should also consider this country on your list, as it is known for its cleanliness and hygiene standards, as well as its care of the environment. More so, Switzerland offers a higher quality of life, especially a long life span and quality/healthy lifestyle. Job opportunities in different fields await you in this technological and financial service country.

  • #6. Austria – Vienna 

Austria is established in the central part of Europe, surrounded by a lot of mountains and several other intriguing natural landscapes. Austria is well organized, easy-going, and has a stable environment. Austria is the country with one of the best qualities of life in the world, Some of the leading factors that make Austria a notable place to live in Europe includes Highly satisfied residents, proximity to Europe’s capital cities, resort lifestyle, and Secure banking among other notable reasons that earned this country the sixth spot on our list. However, the cost of living in this country varies from one city to the other, depending on the place you settled down. On a general note, the cost of housing is very expensive.

  • #7. France – Paris 

France is another country Europe that has proven to be a place to live. The country holds vast historic landmarks, structures, and events. France’s capital city, Paris, is one of the most popular cities in the world as well as one of the most visited cities in the world. There are many reasons why France has a spot on our list, and these include the business-friendly environment, picturesque location both of ancient and modern structures, good transportation network, sumptuous diverse cuisines, and excellent healthcare system, among other interesting factors that attract one to live in this country. More so, just like Germany, France is known for the high rate of manufacturing works, and also there are plenty of Job opportunities. However, language seems to be a barrier here, especially if you do not understand the French language that’s predominantly spoken.

  • #8. Spain – Madrid 

As we gradually wound up our discussion on the Best Countries to Live in Europe 2020, our next stop is Spain, the country known for its unique music and dance, bullfights, fantastic beaches, and lots of sunshine, and it is filled with friendly and accommodating people. Also, Spain is known for its high and quality social life Makino Spain one of the Best places to visit on holidays. More so, Spain has one of the best Healthcare systems in the world, which means that your health will be catered for regardless of your class. Also, the cost of living in this country is low.

  • #9. The Republic of Ireland – Dublin 

The Republic of Ireland comes in at the ninth number spot on our list, and we also consider to be among the Best Places in Europe to Live for English Speakers since around 99% of the country’s population speak the English language. It is an amazing place to live been one of the safest countries around the world. More so, the rate of criminal activities in this country low. In terms of business, Ireland is home to many tech companies who have their headquarters located there, especially Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter, among others meaning there is room for job opportunities there, not forgetting the booming agricultural sector.

  • #10. Finland – Helsinki 

Finland concludes our discussion was coming in at the tenth spot on our list. Finland is highly literate with a large number of its population obtained a higher degree, and it has one of the quality education systems in the World. The cost of living is average but depends largely on the area you reside in. Also, the country’s healthcare system is highly rated, with its residents having access to health care services. Also, residents are covered by Finnish insurance under a universal policy.

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Conclusion on the Best Countries to Live in Europe 2020 Top 10

There you have the list of the Best Countries to Live in Europe 2020. If you are preparing to relocate to another country and having Europe in mind as your destination, you can look up this list and make your choice of the country that best appeals to you. More so, if you speak English, they are countries on the list that are among Best Places in Europe to Live for English Speakers. 

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