2019 is winding down quickly. With a few days to go, we’d like to go into the NBA to know the highest paid basketball players of the year. This should be an interesting read because we take you beyond the familiar corridors of two-pointers, three-pointers, and dunks into the money part. Who doesn’t love bucks and lots of it?  So let us see if your favorite player is among the top 10 highest paid basketball players in 2019.

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Paul George plays as a small forward for the Los Angeles Clippers. The number 13 moved to the Clippers in 2019 having played for Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma Thunder. George is a six-time NBA All-Star, two-time NBA All-Defensive Team and NBA steals leader once. The Palmdale native is number ten on the list of highest paid basketball players with a $33 million annual income. He definitely has Kawhi Leonard to thank for this highly profitable deal.


The Detroit Pistons power forward is one of the highest paid basketball players around. His elegant performance led the University of Oklahoma to retire his number 23 jersey. Griffin is a six-time NBA all-star and has many other individual accolades to his name. He earns $34.5 million and he occupies the number nine spot on our list. He wears the number 23 jersey for Detroit Pistons.


The first point guard on our list of highest paid basketball players, Lowry plays for the Toronto Raptors. The number 7 was the 24th overall pick during the 2006 NBA draft. Lowry won the NBA Championship in 2019 and is a five-time NBA All-Star. He is being a made an annual appearance in the All-Star team since 2015. Kyle Lowry earns a whopping $35 million. The 2019 season is the expiry date for his contract.


LeBron James is a household name in the NBA world. The 34-year old Ohio native plays for Los Angeles Lakers. He is a small forward cum power forward. He previously played for Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. James has a host of individual accolades to his name including four NBA Most Valuable Player Award and a 15-time NBA All-Star. His present contract is a four-year deal worth $153.3 million. He ranks seventh on the list of highest paid basketball players.

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He is one of the joint fourth highest paid basketball players. The second point guard on our list, John Wall stars for the Washington Wizards. He is the first overall pick during the NBA draft in 2010. The number 2 hasn’t played for any other team since he joined the Washington Wizards in 2010. John Wall has featured in the NBA All-Star team five times and was part of the NBA All-Defensive Second Team in 2015.


Kevin Durant plays as a small forward for Brooklyn nets and is on par with John Wall in terms of income. Durant had previously played for Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors. Durant has been a consistent performer in the NBA in recent years winning many individual honors. He won the FIBA MVP award in 2010, Big 12 Player of the Year in 2007 and NBA Rookie of the year in 2008. He is a 10-time NBA All-star and a 4-time NBA scoring champion.

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James Harden is the last of the three highest paid basketball players who earn $38.2 million. The shooting guard cum point guard plays for the Houston Rockets and has been on their book since 2012. Having begun his NBA career at Oklahoma City Thunder. James Harden’s eye-catching performances have brought him accolades on droves. Winning the 2018 NBA Most Valuable Player in 2018 is one of his many career highlights. He is a 7-time NBA All-Star and was the NBA assists leader in 2017. He is presently on a $169.3 million contract.

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Chris Paul occupies the second spot on the list of highest paid basketball players with Russell Westbrook. The Oklahoma City point guard has also played for Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers and New Orleans Hornets. The 34-year old is a 9-time NBA All-Star and won the MVP award for the NBA All-Star game in 2013. He has won the NBA assists leader four times and steals leader six times.


Westbrook plays as a point guard for Houston Rockets wearing jersey number 0. Russell began his career in the NBA with Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008 before moving to the rockets in 2008. An 8-time NBA All-Star, Westbrook is a typical NBA point guard with other individual honors to his name. A 2-time NBA scoring champion and assists leader is surely no mean feat in the modern basketball game.


Stephen Curry tops our list of highest paid basketball players. The Golden State Warriors’ point guard currently runs a $201.2 million contract extension with the warriors. Curry is a 3-time NBA Champion and a 6-time NBA All-Star. He has featured in the coveted team consistently between 2014 and 2019. The sharpshooter also has two NBA MVP awards to his name.

So there you have it. Basketball’s top earners for 2019. Do you see your favorite player?






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