Charles Ampofo one of the Richest Men In Ghana
Charles Ampofo one of the Richest Men In Ghana

Ghana is located in the western part of Africa, and it is rated among the third world country with a developing and growing economy and among the fast-developing nations in the world. Nonetheless, our concern in this article is about the Richest Men in Ghana 2020, who are considered to be the millionaires and billionaires of the country. To find out who these men are and the nature of business they are into, ensure you read this article to the end to be well informed about the Top 10 Richest in Ghana.


To be a vibrant personality does not happen overnight, but with hard work and consistency, they accrue enormous wealth that has allowed them to be enlisted in this article. There are several millionaires with only a few billionaire men in Ghana, and among them, we have selected the ones that are considered to be the richest of them all. Below is a highlight of the richest men in Ghana.

  1. Charles Ampofo
  2. Ernesto Tarricone
  3. Dr. Kwame Addo Kufuor
  4. Sir Sam Jonah
  5. Dr. Nabil Edmond Moukarzel
  6. Michael Ibrahim Mahama
  7. Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat
  8. Kwambena Duffour
  9. Joseph Siaw Agyepong
  10. Ramchand Udharam Mohinani

Those are the wealthy men in Ghana, and some of them control large companies that employ thousands of workers. We believe you have a clue about the men considered to be among the Top 10 Richest in Ghana, particularly the men. For further information about them, you can read more below.

Top 10 Richest in Ghana

  • #1. Charles Ampofo 
  • Business: CEO of Kompac Group
  • Net Worth: $1.46 billion
Charles Ampofo one of the Richest Men In Ghana
Charles Ampofo one of the Richest Men In Ghana

Sitting on the first spot on our list of Richest Men in Ghana 2020 is Charles Ampofo, who is rated to be the richest man in Ghana. He is the founder of the Kompac group that comprises of different business ventures such as Kampac Oil which is the primary income puller for this company, Kampac Travels, Kampac Properties, Kampac Telecom, Kampac Resources, and Kampac Flora. The company headquarter is located in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in the city of Dubai. More so, he is believed to be constructing the world’s largest energy city in the Philippines, which will also improve his earnings and continue to maintain his place at the number one spot of Ghana’s richest men.

  • #2. Ernesto Tarricone
  • Business: CEO and Manager of Trasacco Group
  • Net Worth: $1.3 billion 
Ernesto Taricone
Ernesto Tarricone

Ernesto Tarricone is an industrial investor and a renowned businessman who is rated among the Richest Men in Ghana 2020 coming in at the second spot on our list. He serves as the CEO and manager of Trasacco Group that is involved in specializes in civil engineering and industrial investment, just as he is the Executive Chairman of West Africa Industrial Development (W.A.I.D). Trasacco Group is among the largest employer of labor in Ghana, employing over 4000 Ghanaians, including foreigners.

  • #3. Dr. Kwame Addo Kufuor
  • Business: Physician / Politician
  • Net Worth: $1.2 billion 

Dr. Kwame Addo Kufuor is a renowned physician and politician in Ghana who is also considered to be among the Top 10 Richest in Ghana with a net worth of $1.2 billion. Dr. Kwame is related to the former President of Ghana, John Kufuor. The reason why he is hardly noticed to be productive is that he does not declare his asset public. However, he made a fortune as a physician and then as a politician as he served as the Minister of Defense during his brother’s reign. Presently, he has a lot of luxurious assets in Ghana that also accrue to his wealth.

  • #4. Sir Sam Jonah
  • Business: Chairman Jonah Capital
  • Net Worth: $1.2 billion 

Sir Sam Jonah is not left out in our discussion coming in at the fourth number spot. Sir Sam Jonah has invested immensely in the mining industry, and he currently owns 14 mineral resource assets in 10 African countries. He has been a valuable personality in the mining industry, thanks to his vast knowledge and expertise in the industry. Also, other than mining, the company is involved in different businesses such as agriculture, oil and gas, real estate, and finance. The headquarter is established in South Africa.

  • #5. Dr. Nabil Edmond Moukarzel
  • Company: Share Holder in FinaTrade Group
  • Net Worth: $900 million

Dr. Nabil Edmond Moukarzel is enlisted in this article with a fortune of $900 million, which he earned as a result of investing with the FinaTrade Group, a successful enterprise that is involved and specialized in commodities. Thus, Moukarzel is the largest investor with the most substantial share portion in this organization. The Finatrade group is engaged in the production and distribution of markets, raw commodities, and frozen foods. Among its consumable products are vegetable oil, sugar, rice, cocoa, meat, ice cream, dairy products, beverages, powdered milk, animal feed, tiles, granite, among others.

  • #6. Michael Ibrahim Mahama
  • Business: Engineer and Planners
  • Net Worth: $860 million

Michael Ibrahim Mahama is a businessman who developed a passion for business, and investing in private sectors was one inherited from his father. He founded the company engineer and planners, a renowned private business in Ghana that is worth millions of USD. His company is a mining firm considered to be the largest in Africa. Interestingly, this business tycoon is the younger brother to one of the former presidents of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama. Aside from investing in the mining firm, Ibrahim Mahama also invested in other business ventures, which are Asutsuare Poultry Farms and Dzata Cement company, to mention a few. Also, Ibrahim Mahama is a philanthropist who reaches out to the unprivileged societies.

  • #7. Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat
  • Business: Rana Motors and Metal Works Engineering.
  • Net Worth: $800 million

Mohammed Ahmed Odaymat takes us further in our discussion and listed among the Top 10 Richest in Ghana. The business tycoon invests in different businesses; also, he is the Board Chairman of BBC Industrial (Ghana) Limited, manufacturers, and producers of Leyland and Leylac paints. This was after he purchased the company in 1978. Rana motors, another branch of his business is involved in the distribution of different vehicles and tractors. It has four offices in the country in places like Accra, Tema, Kumasi, and Takoradi. Also, there is the tyre company known as the West Africa Tyre Services Ltd., the distributors of Goodyear earthmoving tyres and the significant holders of Goodyear’s Vulco retail arm.

  • #8. Kwambena Duffour
  • Business: CEO of House of Duffour Asset Holdings
  • Net Worth: $680 million 

As we gradually get closer to the end of our discussion and coming in next on our list is Kwambena Kuffour, who is also among the richest men in Ghana coming in at the eight spots on our list. Kuffour has a significant shareholding in UniBank, Fiscal Studies, and other companies. Aside from being the CEO of House of Duffour Asset Holdings. Interestingly, his son has followed in his footpath, having a massive share in Ghana’s commercial industry.

  • #9. Joseph Siaw Agyepong
  • Business: Jospong Group
  • Net Worth: $600 million 

Joseph Siaw Agyepong is another man that fits to be named among the Top 10 Richest in Ghana. He has the largest Ghanaian conglomerate established, having more than 32 subsidiaries in the country. Jospong Group company is involved in waste management, logistics, ICT, oil and gas and automobiles, banking, and finance, among other investments. Besides, his company presently deals in business with about 11 Ghanaian industries, thereby expanding his business presence in Ghana.

  • #10. Ramchand Udharam Mohinani
  • Business: Founder and CEO of Mohinani Group
  • Net Worth: $580 million 

Closing the discussion, our list of the Richest Men in Ghana 2020 is Ramchand Udharam Mohinani, who is the founder and CEO of Mohinani Group. He is from India but established in Ghana. The company is involved in plastic products in Ghana. More so, his company has acquired some top companies in Ghana, especially Somovision, Polytank, etc.

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Conclusion on Richest Men in Ghana 2020 Top 20 Ghanaian Billionaires / Millionaires

These men are the richest in Ghana who own multimillion/multi-billion companies in Ghana and other countries in the world. These men have contributed to the economic growth of Ghana, helping to improve the nation’s GDP. The peculiarity with the men that are enlisted in this article of the Richest Men in Ghana 2020 is that they are reluctant to make known public their wealth and asset, which tends to be a setback on compiling this list. Nonetheless, we may have some changes as the year goes on with newcomers appearing on the list and others dropping off.

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