There have been different Serie A winners through the different evolutions of the competition. From Campionato Italiano di Football to the Prima Categoria, Prima Divisione, Divisione Nazionale till it became the Serie A, the league has not been short of champions. Across these different stages of development, 30% of the trophy has gone to just one team while other teams share the remaining 70%. Sit back as we take you on this roller coaster ride.

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Juventus are the highest Serie A winners with 30% of the trophies that have been handed out.  They won their first title in 1905 and had a dominant period in the early 30s winning five titles between 1931 and 1935. The next wave of success came in the early 50s into the late 70s. Juve amassed 11 trophies within this period. Success became far and between and the Cacciopoli scandal also did not help the course of Juve as they were implicated in the investigation. Since 2012 though, Juve have continued to be Serie A winners for consecutive for 8 consecutive seasons. No other team has more trophy-winning streak.


AC Milan have been struggling in recent seasons. Their struggles have been characterized by varying transfer hit and miss, poor results, change of managers and so on. Its hard to imagine how the 1901 Serie A winners have become an average team all of a sudden. After their first triumph in 1901, they followed with two more in the 1900s. It would takeover 40 decades before they became a dominant force once again becoming Serie A winners between 1951 and 1968. Their success in the competition became scattered from that time winning the trophy sparsely in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. They last won the Serie A in 2011.


The two Milan teams are equal Serie A winners. Its funny this is the case seeing that Inter are currently the best of the duo. Inter are currently contending with the Juventus are the top of the pile while Milan languish at the bottom half of the table. Inter’s first win was in 1910 and only won the Serie A at different times from the 30s to the 80s. Inter didn’t really establish a dominant winning streak until the 2000s winning Serie A five times between 2006 and 2010. They have not tasted success in the Serie A since that period.

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Genoa probably will not be fighting for the Serie A any time soon but they were once Serie A winners. Nine times at that. They won the trophy in the Campionato Italiano di Football, Prima Categoria, and Prima Divisione era. As a matter of fact, they are the first-ever club to win the Italian Championship with their triumph in 1898. They won five Scudetti between 1898 and 1903. This was their only dominant period winning two more Sucdetti in the Prima Categoria and two more in the Prima Divisione. They were last Serie A winners in 1924 – 95 years ago.


Torino are probably popular now because of the Turin derby with Juventus but back in the day they also were Serie A winners. They are the first team to win the Scudetto in the Divisione Nazionale era with their 1928 triumph. They dominated the Serie a between 1943 and 1949 becoming Serie A winners consecutively for five seasons. They last won the Serie A in 1976 famously beating Juventus to the Scudetto.


Bologna are not doing quite well in Serie A with 13 points from 13 games. Their success in the league came in the early days being Serie A winners first in 1925 under the Prima Divisione. Five years later, they won their second in 1929 in the third edition of the Divisione Nazionale in 1929. The other five Scudetti came in the Serie era their last trophy being in 1964.


Pro Vercelli are the first team on our list of Serie A winners who are no longer in the Serie A. They are one of the most successful teams in the early era of Italian football winning the Scudetto 7 times. 6 of their triumphs came under the Prima Categoria defending it three times. Their last triumph was in the Prima Divisione in 1922.

Other Serie A winners include: Roma (3), Lazio (2), Napoli (2), Fiorentina (2), Sampdoria, Hellas Verona, Cagliari, Novese, and Cagliari all have a title apiece.


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