There are many countries in the world with over 200 of them as recognized by the United Nations. Each country has its uniqueness and what distinguishes one from the other. Our concern in this article is about the Best Countries in the World which we know to farewell and are also rated among the Top 30 Countries in the World. To learn about the countries that are the best in the world and to know all you need about them, ensure you read through the article to the end.


To compile the list of countries that are the best is tricks and almost an impossible task but going by the ranking of US News of best overall ranking using various measuring scales such as GDP, Human Development Index, foreign direct investment inflows, and international tourism receipts, among other measuring determinant, we have come up with the countries rated to be the best in the world. below is a quick preview.

  1. Switzerland
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. United Kingdom
  7. United States
  8. Sweden
  9. Netherlands
  10. Norway

Those are the countries that are the well to do countries in the world and as such are deemed fit to be enlisted in this article. we have provided below more information on each country and all you need to know about them as well as why they are enlisted.

  • #1. Switzerland
  • Location: Europe

Opening our discussion coming in at the first spot on our list of Best Countries in the World in Switzerland. The country is officially called the Swiss Federation established in central Europe occupying 16,000 square miles of glacier-carved Alps, lakes, and valleys. Switzerland has a diverse mix of people with different languages and it is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. More so, the unemployment rate in Switzerland is low, a skilled labor force and its gross domestic products per capita are one of the highest in the world. talking about nature the country is home to numerous beautiful landscapes and enjoys high tourist activities yearly.

  • #2. Canada
  • Location: North America

We have still on our list another country ranked among the Top 30 Countries in the World is Canada, the second-largest country in the world after Russia. The country has a high standard of living and also technologically advanced. The country’s biggest trade partner is the United States which dates back to the Trade agreements in the 1980s and 1990s. More so, Canada has one of the best health systems in the world and the economy is robust and strong with the service sector being the biggest contributor to the nation’s economy. More so, Canada is also a major exporter of energy, food, and minerals

  • #3. Japan
  • Location: Asia
Japan one of the powerful countries In the World.
Japan one of the powerful countries In the World.

Taking us further in our discussion on the Best Countries in the World is Japan, the most technologically advanced country in the world. Thinking on which is the Greatest Country in the World, Japan is one of them thanks to its technological advancement and high literacy level. The country has a unique culture blended with western life. Despite the country facing some economic challenges, it still has a strong economy having the third-largest economy in the world. Also, Japan is one of the largest producers of motor vehicles, electronic equipment, and steel in the world. Thanks to the service sector which accounts for the high employment rate in this country as well as a major contributor to the nation’s economy.

  • #4. Germany
  • Location: Europe

Germany has continued to be ranked among the top countries in the world and now it is included on our list of best countries in the world also one of the World’s Top 30 Countries in the World. The country’s international influence is on the increase and the country’s leader has a global approval rating among leaders global. More so, Germany is included in this list because of its high entrepreneurship rate as well as a highly-skilled and affluent workforce, economic development, and power. Not just that, the country is highly literate with average citizens already possessed their master’s degree. The country is filled with many natural and manmade wonders that have been the center of attraction for tourism.

  • #5. Australia
  • Location: Oceania

We have on our list the only country from Oceania and that is Australia officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, coming in at the fifth spot on our list thanks to its high quality of life, cultural Influence, quality education, comfortable retirement and also one of the best countries to travel alone. Australia has a stable economy that us market-based, thanks to its sturdy service sector which contributes the lion share to the nation’s economy, more so, the country is considered wealthy. Major areas of the country are well developed with modern facilities, structures, and necessities that make living comfortable and interesting.

  • #6. United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom (comprises of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) is not left out among the best countries currently in the world. the country us highly developed with almost every part of the country built and designed with modern facilities and have easy access to basic amenities. The United Kingdom is undoubtedly among the Top 30 Countries in the World having a substantial amount of international economic, political, scientific and cultural influence in the world. Besides, the United Kingdom has a robust economy with the service sector contributing highly to the nation’s economic growth as well as the industrials sector especially the automobile and aerospace industries providing a significant part of the nation’s economy. The major news about the United Kingdom is the dissociation from the European Union, Brexit.

  • #7. United States of America
  • Location: North America

The United States of America is also among the countries considered to be the best in the world occupying the seventh spot on our list. The country is a constitution-based federal republic having 50 states. I know many would have expected the U.S to come first or second but as you can see the case is not so. The U.S. is considered to have almost everything a nation needs from easy access to basic amenities to quality education, a robust economy which is the largest in the world in terms of GDP, entrepreneurship inclined and it is considered as the most powerful country in the world. emphatically, the United States has the most dominant economic, technological and military power in the world. the country also dominates the entertainment world with its music and movie industry considered the largest in the world.

  • #8. Sweden 
  • Location: Europe

Sweden is another country worthy to be considered as one of the Best Countries in the World because of its high quality of life and a stable economy as well as a contribution to humanitarian aid. The country is known officially as the Kingdom of Sweden and also among the Scandinavian countries. Sweden comes up in this list because of its low tax rates, advanced infrastructure, and transportation network, equal wealth distribution, quality health care, and college education which are free.

  • #9. Netherlands
  • Location: Europe

Netherland takes us further in our discussion on the best countries in the world thanks to its top quality of life. Officially known as the Kingdom of Netherland and also known as Dutch and considered a tolerant and friendly nation. The country is a high-income, developed nation and Known for its tulips, also known as the birthplace of microscope, telescope, and thermometer. The country comprises of many bridges (over 1,000) and 20,000 miles of bike paths for easy movement and transportation. Netherland is one of the leading exporters of agriculture products in the world.

  • #10. Norway
  • Location: Europe 

Norway wraps up our discussion occupying the tenth spot on our list and also ranked among the Top 30 Countries in the World. The country is known officially as the Kingdom of Norway characterized mostly of mountainous terrain with a coastline comprising of thousands of miles of fjords, bays and island shores. More so, the country is a high-income country with a stable economy. It has one of the high-quality healthcare and education systems in the world as well. Norway is also known for its high governmental transparency.

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Conclusion on the Top 10 best countries of the world 2020

Having observed all the qualities and features that shape a country, from the quality of life to economic potential, the countries listed above are believed to have performed the best overall earning them the top ten spot on our list of Best Countries in the World.

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