For only the second year in the last 10 years, both the number of billionaires and their total wealth reduced. This proves that even the wealthiest are not immune to economic forces as well as weak stock markets. According to Forbes, there are currently 2,153 billionaires in the world, 55 fewer than a year ago. Of those, a record 994, or 46%, experienced a decline in their net worth over the course of the last 12 months. The total net worth of the ultra-rich is currently put at $8.7 trillion, down $400 billion from 2018.

A total of 247 people representing 11% of last year’s list members, dropped out of the ranks, the most since 2009 when the global recession reached its peak. The Asia-Pacific region was hardest hit, with 60 fewer billionaires than last year. China leads in that regard as the number of billionaires in the country dropped by 49. Europe, the Middle East and also Africa equally got hit. Only the Americas, driven by a resurgent Brazil, and the U.S. are the two regions that experienced changes in the number of billionaires than they had a year ago.

It is said that Warren began investing at the age of 11 when he made his first stock purchase. At the age of 13, he filed taxes for the first time. He earned a Bachelor degree from University of Nebraska Lincoln to which he added a Master of Science from Columbia University. Warren Buffet is widely seen as a philanthropist who has donated almost $32 billion to charity so far with a promise to donate up to 99% of his wealth. In the year 2010, Warren Buffett teamed up with fellow billionaire Bill Gates in setting up the Giving Pledge.

The 82-year-old Ortega started his business career as a member of a small family owned textiles producing firm in the year 1963. Later in 1975, Amancio Ortega founded Inditex together with his late wife Rosalia Mera. Inditex is widely recognized for its Zara fashion group. The establishment of this fashion outfit made Ortega an innovator in fast fashion. Amancio controls about 60% stake in Madrid-listed Inditex, which has 8 brands under it, including Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear, as well as 7,500 stores all over the world.

After this, he serves as president of products before again taking up the CEO role in 2011. The bulk of Larry Page’s wealth comes from the 6% stake he has in Google. His net worth in 2019 stands at $50.8 billion. Page lives in Palo Alto, California and is currently not married. He is reportedly funding two secretive flying car startups: Zee. Aero and Kitty Hawk personally.

Here are the Top 100 Wealthiest Person In The World 2019

1Jeff BezosUSA$131 BillionTechnology
2Bill GatesUSA$96.5 BillionTechnology
3Warren Buffet USA$82.5 BillionDiversified
4Bernard Arnault France$76 BillionRetail
5Carlos Slim HeluMexico$64 BillionConsumer
6Amancio OrtegaSpain $62 BillionDiversified
7Larry EllisonUSA$62.5 BillionTechnology
8Mark ZuckerbergUSA $62.3 BillionTechnology
9Michael BloombergUSA $55.5 BillionFinancial Services/Media
10Larry Page USA$50.8 BillionTechnology
11Charles Koch USA$50.5 BillionKoch Industries
12David KochUSA$50.5 BillionKoch Industries
13Mukesh AmbaniINDIA$50 BillionTechnology
14Sergy BrinUSA $49.8 BillionTechnology
15Francoise Bettencourt MeyersFRANCE$49.3 BillionFashion
16Jim WaltonUSA $44.6 BillionRetail
17Alice Walton USA $44.4 BillionRetail
18Rob Walton USA$44.3 BillionRetail
19Steve Ballmer USA$41.2 BillionTechnology
20Ma Huateng CHINA$38.8 BillionTech/Media
21Jack Ma CHINA$37.3 BillionTechnology
22Hui Ka Yan CHINA$36.2 BillionReal Estate
23Beate Heister & Karl Albrecht Jr.GERMANY$36.1 BillionRetail
24Sheldon AdelsonUSA$35.1 BillionEntertainment/Real Estate
25Michael DellUSA$34.3 BillionTechnology
26Phil KnightUSA$33.4 BillionTechnology
27David ThomsonCANADA$32.5 BillionMedia
28Li Ka-ShingHONG KONG$31.7 BillionReal Estate
29Lee Shau KeeHONG KONG$30.1 BillionReal Estate
30Francois PinaultFRANCE$29.7 BillionLuxury Goods
31Joseph SafraUSA$25.2 BillionBanking/Finance
32Leonid MikhelsonRUSSIA$24 BillionGas/Chemicals
33Jacqueline MarsUSA $23.9 BillionRetail
34John MarsUSA $23.9 BillionRetail
35Jorge Paulo LemannBRAZIL$22.8 BillionBeer
36Azim PremjiINDIA$22.6 BillionTechnology
37Dieter SchwarzGERMANY$22.6 BillionDiversified
38Wang JianlinCHINA$22.6 BillionReal Estate
39Giovanni FerreroITALY$22.4 BillionRetail
40Elon MuskUSA$19.9 BillionTesla Auto
41Tadashi YanaiJAPAN$22.2 BillionFashion Retail
42Yang HuiyanCHINA$22.1 BillionDiversified
43Masayoshi SonJAPAN$21.6 BillionTechnology
44Jim SimonsUSA$21.5 BillionInvestments
45Vladimir LisinRUSSIA$21.3 BillionSteel/Transportation
46Susanne KlatteGERMANY$21 BillionDiversified
47Vagit AlekperovRUSSIA$20.7 BillionOil
48Alexey MordashovRUSSIA$20.5 BillionSteel/Investment
49Gennady TimchenkoRUSSIA$20.1 BillionOil & Gas
50Leonardo Del VecchioITALY$19.8 BillionTechnology
51He XiangjianCHINA$19.8 BillionTechnology
52Rupert MurdochUSA$19.4 BillionMedia
53Dietrich MateschitzAUSTRIA$18.9 BillionConsumer
54R. Budi HartonoINDONESIA$17.4 BillionBanking/Tobacco
55Laurene Powell Jobs USA $18.6 BillionTechnology/Media
56Michael HartonoINDONESIA$18.5 BillionBanking/Tobacco
57Ray DalioUSA $18.4 BillionInvestment
58Vladimir PotaninRUSSIA$18.1 BillionMetal
59Len BlavantnikUSA$17.7 BillionKoch Industries
60Stefan QuandtGERMANY$17.5 BillionTechnology
61Theo Albrecht, Jr.GERMANY$17.4 BillionKoch Industries
62Carl IcahnUSA$17.4 BillionInvestment
63Lee Man TatHONG KONG$17.1 BillionDiversified
64Thomas PeterffyUSA$17.1 BillionConsumer
65Hinduja brothersUK$16.9 BillionDiversified
66Joseph LauHONG KONG$16.9 BillionReal Estate
67Lee Kun-HeeSOUTH KOREA$16.9 BillionSamsung
68Donald BrenUSA$16.4 BillionReal Estate
69Takemitsu TakizakiJAPAN$16.3 BillionSensors
70Zhang YimingCHINA$16.2 BillionTechnology
71Abigail johnsonUSA$15.6 BillionFinance
72Stefan PerssonSWEDEN$15.6 BillionRetail
73Petr KellnerCZECH REPUBLIC$15.5 BillionBanking
74Iris FontbonaCHILE$15.4 BillionMining
75Dhanin ChearvanontTHAILAND$15.2 Billion
76Gina RinehartAUSTRALIA$15.2 BillionMining Diversified
77Lukas Walton USA$15.2 BillionRetail
78Kwong Siu-hingHONG KONG$15.1 BillionReal Estate
79Mikhail FridmanRUSSIA$15 BillionOil, Banking, Telecom
80Pallonji MistryIRELAND$15 BillionConstruction
81William DingCHINA$14.7 BillionTechnology
82Leonard LauderUSA$14.6 BillionDiversified
83Lui Che WooHONG KONG$14.6 BillionEntertainment
84Shiv NadarINDIA$14.6 BillionTechnology
85Alain WertheimerFRANCE$14.6 BillionDiversified
86Gerard WertheimerFRANCE$14.6 BillionDiversified
87Charoen SirivadhanabhakdTHAILAND$14.5 BillionDrinks/Real Estate
88Emmanuel BesnierFRANCE$14.3 BillionConsumer
89Charlene de Carvalho-HeinekenNETHERLANDS$14.2 BillionBeer
90Andrey MelnichenkoRUSSIA$13.8 BillionCoal/Fertilizer
91Li ShufuCHINA$13.6 BillionAuto
92Lakshmi MittaINDIA$13.6 BillionSteel
93Heinz Hermann ThieleGERMANY$13.6 BillionManufacturing
94Colin HuangCHINA$13.5 BillionTechnology
95Hasso PlattnerGERMANY$13.5 BillionTechnology
96Dietmar HoppGERMANY$13.4 BillionTechnology
97Georg ShaefflerGERMANY$13.4 BillionAuto
98German Larrea Mota Velasco MEXICO$13.BillionMining
99Zhang ZhidongCHINA$13.3 BillionTechnology
100Stephen SchwarzmanUSA$13.2 BillionDiversified




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