Top 10 Most Technological Advance Countries In The World 2019.
Top 10 Most Technological Advance Countries In The World 2019.

Top 15 Most Advanced Countries In The World 2019- Virtually every country in the world want to be known to recognize for one achievement or the other. It is the pride of a nation to be classed among the best because of knowledge with the skills and expertise they have. There are diverse advanced countries in the world, countries that have broken through in technology, science, health, and other sectors. Not all the states have been able to attain this fit while some have surpassed even the benchmark as such, this article will be centered on the Most Advanced Countries in the World.


Some countries are currently at the forefront of development and are believed to have almost attained great heights in every human endeavor. Below are the Top 15 Most Advanced Countries in the World.

  • #1. Japan

Japan one of the powerful countries In the World.
Japan one of the powerful countries In the World.

Japan is first on our list of the Most Advanced Countries in the World. Japan is a country that has potential in developing the technology. The state cannot be pushed aside When it comes to robotics and certain key technologies like camera tech, laptops, game consoles and gaming industry, video recording, and imaging, bullet trains, etc. Japan has contributed immensely to the global advancement. The country recently invented a dimensional elevator that can transport you from one floor to another in the blink of an eye making the Japan tech more convenient and easy. More so, Japan is home to some of the renowned companies in the world such as Canon, Sony, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nintendo

  • #2. United States of America

US one of the powerful countries In the World.
US one of the powerful countries In the World.

Next on our list is the United States of America, dubbed as “the Land of Opportunity,” a country that is among the Most Advanced Countries in the World. The U.S is known to develop the most beautiful intelligence and sophisticated system in the world. The country has also advanced in space technology as the first person to land on the moon was an American.  Furthermore, the now popular GPS was first developed in America for fighter jets, and of course, the country’s famous Silicon Valley, which did not just inspire a whole generation of software engineers is another uniqueness of the country. Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, and Uber are some of the biggest tech companies in the world established in Silicon Valley while there are still more tech companies springing up every day in Silicon Valley.

  • #3. South Korean

South Korea one of the powerful countries In the World.
South Korea one of the powerful countries In the World.

South Korea has experienced a breakthrough in different endeavors and has excellent way beyond most of its counterpart nations. The country’s outstanding production of air conditioners, robots, televisions, computers, trains, airplanes, helicopters, and cars has earned them a spot among the Most Advanced Countries in the World. The country is also home to some of the largest electronics company in the world, Samsung and LG which actively competes in the international market and have a global presence. Even Hyundai, a leading automobile company. More so, in terms of internet speed, South Korea has the fastest internet speed in the world with an average Internet speed of 26.1 Mbit/s which is approximately four times faster than the entire world’s average internet speed of 7 Mbit/s.

  • #4. Germany

Germany one of the powerful countries In the World.
Germany one of the powerful countries In the World.

Germany is among the best technological, most productive and most advanced country in Europe. The country has made tremendous advancement in military technology since the Second World War for producing large-scale military tanks used in the war. As such, Germany made numerous technological advancements during the Second World War which were further developed.

Presently, the country has contributed immensely in the field of medicine having discovered X-rays, a technological invention capable of detecting diseases of the human body using a bright light. Also, the country’s three leading automobile companies: BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Volkswagen are among the best in the world. Germany has become a global leader in medicine (both allopathy and homeopathy), military technology, infrastructure, scientific research, and engineering.

  • #5. China

China one of the powerful countries In the World.
China one of the powerful countries In the World.

Two things have been advantageous to this country; they are skilled and have affordable labor. China is a fast-rising nation that has overtaken a lot of its counterpart in Asia and the world at large. Thus, the country is classed among the Most Advanced Countries in the World because of it’s the ongoing process with continuous advancements and breakthrough in medicine, Robotics, engineering, computer, etc. China is designing and producing a measurable quantity of steel to make many cutting edge weapons with more targeting potential.

China has become the most preferred for companies when it comes to setting up manufacturing plants, construction of bridges, computers, electronics, etc. many countries including the USA see them as a rival and threat to their economy. Presently, to companies such as top tech Apple and Google, clothing companies like Adidas, Zara, and Forever 21, all have their manufacturing plants in China.

  • #6. India

India one of the powerful countries In the World.
India one of the powerful countries In the World.

India made this list having been considered as the sixth country having the highest technology and also new software technology comes from India. The country has the first university in the world which teaches all the technological sciences. More so, the Sanskrit language was considered as the most useful language for the computer system. The country has made a giant stride in medicine, software engineering, commerce, and computer. In fact companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple are investing heavily into the country. The country has also become a leader in business solutions, e-commerce, and mobile apps putting them on the 6th spot on this list of Most Advanced Countries in the World.

  • #7. England

England is known to have produced many of the famous scientists in the world. Majority of England population have access to the high technology making England a very high tech consumer nation rated the same level at par with the USA. England is the brain behind the invention of the locomotive engine, worldwide web, jet engine, the electrical telegraph, combat air vehicle, electric motor, and BAE Systems Taranis. England is still considered as the third best producer of the scientific papers.

  • #8. Canada

Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Canada

Canada is more of a silent nation but has made tremendous advancement in different sectors. The country is home of technologists especially Henry Woodward who first invented the light bulb. Canada has experienced significant growth in the technological industry, education sector, and telecommunication sector and has been performing well in research especially in advanced theoretical physics, developing quantum computing, and connecting researchers coast to coast for higher and speedy optic cables among others. Montreal and Ontario are known for their R&D and tech sector while Vancouver has been a place for mobile tech companies. However, the Canadian government is working hard to develop the country’s technology especially the communication technology, advancing health innovations, improving the space technology, etc.

  • #9. Sweden

Sweden is a country known for its innovation especially in the field of mobile technology. Some of the changes include Spotify, Skype, and Torrent, companies that use Internet flexibility for communication and information sharing. Also, Sweden also contributed to most globally recognized brands including IKEA, Ericsson, Electrolux, H & M, Volvo, and of course Skype. The country’s capital, Stockholm has around 22,000 technological companies in, which accrue for approximately 18% of the city population is employed in technical jobs only.





  • #10. Australia

Australia is a well-known country that accepts and adopts new technologies faster than any other countries in the world; Scientists and researchers from Australia have been responsible for many breakthroughs and technological developments around the world. The increase of technology in the country has yielded primary vital results such as, helped various industries make improvements in their already existing establishments; increased opportunities for innovation and design; and helped improve the quality of goods which has, in turn, helped to improve Australia’s economy been one of the leading countries in the world for importing and exporting goods.

  • #11. Finland

Finland Embassy In Nigeria
Finland Embassy In Nigeria.

Finland occupies the eleventh spot on our list of most Advanced Countries in the World. The ICT world and development of it has been exploited by the Finnish state for a long time to the extent of e-government application was implemented since 1994 with a strategy that requires the development of electronic transaction systems between government agencies and with the public or private parties. The popular mobile phone Nokia is a brand originated from this country.

  • #12. Russia

Russia one of the powerful countries In the World.
Russia one of the powerful countries In the World.

Been the second nation to touch down on the moon, Russia has advanced and evolved immensely since the World War II. Russia is one country that refuses to be left behind having advanced in virtually every sector. The country launched its first expedition to the moon in 1953 using an Apollo plane. Russia has a research institute named as Moscow State University is known to have produced a lot of scientist in different fields such as the IT, Communications, nuclear industry, aerospace, space technology and other areas in the 19th and 20th century.

Other than space technology advancement, Russia has improved and grown to be a formidable nation with advanced technology, with Russian manufacturers and inventor excelling in weapons technology in the country’s defense system making the country one of the best technological defense systems in the world. Most Russian inventions and technology found is widely exported to other countries.

More so, Russia is an innovator in the field of nuclear energy, medicine, chemical, and machine technology. Also, Russia is an influential pioneer in space technology, possessed an advanced military unit designed by the talented and brilliant engineers. The country is not able to produce reputable hackers in the world.

  • #13. Israel

Israel is known to provide the most sophisticated and advanced weapons in the world. Also, they are one of the best agricultural practicing countries in the world (check out their tomatoes). Israel has produced some products that have improved crop’s growth with half of the conventional method. The country is not lagging but furthering their course in high technology such as aviation, communications, telecommunications equipment, computer software and hardware, aerospace, medical devices, fiber optics, and scientific instruments. More so, they are the developers of silicon chips and flash drive. Israel has the highest percentage of home computers in the world as well as the highest number of scientists and technicians workforce.

  • #14. France

France one of the powerful countries In the World.
France one of the powerful countries In the World.

France is considered to be the third country in the World to send their space satellites until 1965. This shows their strength in all areas of IT technology, space technology among other fields. France is a leading nation in the European Union in terms of online services provided by the government. Making the country one of the first in the world to adopt e-governance. More so, there are over 13 million public Wi-Fi terminals located in different areas of the country, giving internet access to 83% of the citizens.

  • #15. Singapore


Last on our list of the Most Advanced Countries in the World in Singapore. Singapore government has made available a public facility which is designed in the form of business corridors that will be developed is what is called “Science Habitats,” a high-quality environment. It’s a technology and scientific institution offering resources for residents to help them with further technological advances. This facility aims to provide a situation where the results are expected to be useful for the development of Singapore as well as the international world. Presently, this country has become a significant player in the IT industry in the world. Many major countries in the world are establishing their branch in this country.

Conclusion On The Top 15 Most Advanced Countries In The World 2019-Things You Need To About Them

Every country in the world are making efforts to improve on existing infrastructures in their respective countries, but these are the Top 15 Most Advanced Countries in the World. These countries have made giant strides in virtually every endeavor such as medicine, computer, engineering, science, research, robotics, and others. This can be attributed to the brilliant minds and geniuses in the country as well as the commitment of the government and the citizens to ensure the country is advanced in all endeavors. Sadly no African country is on the list which means there is a need for the African continent to rise to their feet and put in more effort to provide some of their countries to appear on this list when next it will be reviewed.

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